Founded in his garage, Greg Shampine began building carbon fiber parts for his own use in early 2012. Not afraid to experiment with new ideas, this small venture soon commanded national attention for producing unique, and beautiful carbon fiber parts. Never one to settle for conventional thinking, Greg saw a need for a lighter alternative to aluminum structural parts. Initially developing motor plates and mid plates in carbon fiber, it wasn’t too long before he also tried larger, more complicated pieces. Now in the development and testing phases of several more advanced structural parts, keep your eyes open for some exciting developments being released to the public soon!!Structural carbon fiber parts isn’t the only thing Ultra-Carbon creates. As you’ll see when scanning our website, we also build some of the most beautiful body parts and panels in the industry. Clear carbon parts aren’t just an up-charged option for us, they come standard. Each piece created by Ultra-Carbon comes in a beautiful clear, UV resistant gel coat finish that is not just weather resistant, but paintable as well. While some may choose to bolt the parts onto their car as-is, some choose to paint their parts, while others choose to clear over the gel coat to increase the durability, protection, and depth of the clear finish. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that your Ultra-Carbon parts will arrive to you without the need to perform costly body work, blocking, or sanding. They are a true scuff and shoot deal. It doesn’t get any easier than that!